Explanation of the bylaws

Explanation of the ROTI bylaws


Any Rotarian, Rotarian’s spouse or Rotaractor can apply for membership. Entries are made by e-mail, and must state full name, e-mail address, Rotary (or Rotaract) Club, Country, birth day, district number, and classification. Failure to provide this information may result in not being approved for membership.

The Committees

The Committees consist of volunteers appointed by the committee chairmen. The Committee chairmen are appointed by the ROTI Chairman. The committees can be enlarged by the Chairman to obtain representation from a broad range of countries or expertise in any certain area.

Duties of the committees are to include but are not limited to::

Observe and keep the membership file up to date.

Cause the fellowship to be in accordance with current Rotary International guidelines concerning fellowships.

Make sure that avenues of communication for members of the fellowship are available on the Internet.

Will maintain a listserve and main “hub” web site that are registered to ROTI and shall be passed on to each group of officers when they take office. These will not be under the total control of any one person and will belong to the Rotary fellowship of Rotarians on the Internet.

Work with RI and other Rotary fellowships to provide Rotary information on the internet and promote RI approved projects.


The Treasurer is in charge of the finances. The committee has the right at all times to peruse the books of the Treasurer. Every year, the Treasurer is to draw up the balance sheet for the entire year. The Treasurer gives a financial report at every committee meeting of receipts and expenditures. Treasurer’s reports will be posted on the ROTI.ORG web site at least once every quarter.

Membership File

The ROTI membership list is available online. A separate ROTI database of the membership list will contain e-mail addresses of all members and mailings from it will be used for official communications, elections, and identify closed e-mail accounts or people who no longer wish to remain members of ROTI. The list of members will not be made available to anyone in any other form except for Rotary International and only if they feel it is necessary to have a list of the membership. In the case of RI, only the details they request will be transferred.

Internal Regulations

Expenses for the operation of the Fellowship are to be covered by income, with no fees or dues imposed on the membership except as voluntary donations or fees agreed upon by a majority vote of the membership.

  • The chairman maintains order during the meetings.
  • Decisions reached by the committee are made by a simple majority of the votes received.
  • Decisions at general meetings are made by majority vote ‘received via email’.
  • Committee meetings are valid when no less than three committee members are in attendance (the chairman included).
  • Committee meetings can and will usually be held in an electronic environment: e-mail, ICQ, Pow Wow or similar fashion. When e-mail is used, a time period of at least 24 hours must be allowed for voting to compensate for time differences.